The intentions of this blog are for me to gain a better understanding of myself, and to explore the ways in which my past have shaped my present. I will share my personal experiences on here, and fill you in on my life journey. Before you read any of my other blogs, I encourage you to take […]


I am going to be a junior in college in less than a month and I am not entirely sure how the heck the happened. BTW, this semester, I am not taking any writing courses. I am taking sciences, music, and French so forgive me while I get back in the swing of writing here. […]

I’m not sure that I would call myself a materialistic person. I mean I love to online shop, but I do not thrive on luxury items or expensive clothes or gadgets and such. Maybe I’m in the average category of being materialistic, idk lol. Anyway, I am sure we all have those few things in […]

Quick Update

This has been hands down the hardest school year I have ever encountered. It has been very draining with a total of 28 class hours, three labs, and a job. I have kept extremely busy, and I could not be prouder of myself to say the least. My GPA is not going to be at […]

Sorority Thoughts

I have always found myself to have a hard time getting along with girls. I would say from 4th-6th grade I definitely had a tomboy phase. As I got older, I grew out of it, but never grew out of the fact that I just don’t relate to girls on a number of things. My […]

A Letter of Thanks

I once read somewhere that over 5 million car accidents happen per year. This year, I am apart of that statistic. You never think it will happen to you until it does, and I don’t think I ever took it as serious as it can be. This past Sunday was the day is happened, of […]

Back to Bucknell

After a bit of a hiatus, I am ready to get back into my free writing. I didn’t have serious writers block or anything. I just really wanted to relax and enjoy my summer, which is exactly what I did. For those who have read my previous blogs, you would know that I was taking […]

Road to Hana, Pearl Harbor, & More

  This trip has been amazing so far, minus the fact that I have developed a bit of a cold here and am quite congested. On Monday, we decided to have a pool and beach day. The beach at our hotel offers kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and boogie boarding. The rest of my family got […]

Last Day In Cali: First Day in Hawaii

On our last day, Saturday, Michael graduated! Of course, it was like 92 degrees out and the graduation was outdoors. The ceremony was really nice though. Just the students in the majors related to Michael’s major walked that day, so we were only there for about 3 hours. Before the graduation, we got brunch with […]

California: Day 3

Before I talk about what we did today, I have to talk about something that happened last night. As my mom and I were lying in bed sound asleep, my sister was awake on my laptop watching YouTube videos. All of a sudden, she starts screaming at me about an alarm going off in the […]

California: Day 2

Being that NJ is 3 hours ahead of Cali time, we woke up so early this morning. I’m talking before 6 am early. My mom and I went to the gym for a bit to kill some time and when my sister woke up, we went down to the Starbucks in our hotel and got […]