The intentions of this blog are for me to gain a better understanding of myself, and to explore the ways in which my past have shaped my present. I will share my personal experiences on here, and fill you in on my life journey. Before you read any of my other blogs, I encourage you to take a look at my eating disorder story on my home page because that is what inspired me tot start this blog. Self love is so important, and I hope to inspire, and empower others to do so. Live, Laugh, Love is a cliche motto, but one that I 100% live by. Thanks for visiting my site, & hope you enjoy xoxo  


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  1. Birdie


    I read every word you wrote. I am so proud of you and I am so moved at the young woman you have become that I find myself lost for words. Your blog just spoke to me on so many levels. 1) I shared the same fear you described at the gym with weights. At 41 (42 in 72 hours but who is counting) I am just starting with weights in my basement. At the gym I am too shy to try a machine I don’t know. I’m a bit clumsy to start with, add weights and we are talking an accident waiting to happen. Trainers have been telling me that lifting weights will help me. So I just made my own space in the basement so that I can work out and not care how stupid I look if I trip, or pick up the weights wrong or whatever else I can screw up while trying to do this. I am also 4ft 11 and my weight has been a struggle for as long as I can remember. I’ve run marathons. I’ve done extreme videos and work outs. I’ve tried extreme 500 calorie diets. Nothing was working. I would go up and then down, it was a vicious cycle. My ups were binging and my downs were down….And to be quite honest, I struggled with bulima for many years and still, to this day, I worry if I get too obsessive with any diet, it will come back. The “addiction” you describe is so real. The mental anquish, the craziness, the out of control emotions of sneaking food – everything you wrote about felt like you were reading my mind. Your story was not only something I related to, I give you so much credit for sharing this. I don’t find people understand it, and food is something people can’t live without. It’s not something you can quit. I find nobody quite understands this form of addiction unless you’ve been there. That’s why I know this blog is going to help so many other women (and guys), that find themselves going through this. You’ve put your heart out there to the world and you have simply amazed me. You are an incredible young lady. Xoxoxo God Bless.

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  2. Hi Becca, I’m sorry you had to struggle so much with an eating disorder. I’m so glad for you that you were able to recover, and sounds like you’re a happy, amazing young woman. Thanks for sharing your story. And thank you for visiting my blog and for the follow. It’s great to connect with you! Take care, Jenny


  3. Hi, Becca! Thanks for signing up to follow my blog, Diet, exercise and living past 100. I hope it fits with your eating and fitness regime. Best of luck with your blogging efforts!

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