Girl vs. Weights

I started lifting weights in high school. I do not remember what made me want to do it, but once I started, I loved it. I never had any of the misconceptions that some women do about lifting weights making women look manly. I just thought it would be something fun to try. A family friend of mine named Anthony would go to the gym with me, and taught me how to use most of the machines, and do different free weight movements. After a while of lifting with him, I was eventually able to go into the dreaded weight section of the gym alone. There are usually mostly men in that section, but I no longer cared. I thank Anthony for helping me build up the courage to get into this hobby. Lifting is not just for guys. It is for everyone!

Do not be afraid if you are a female to try this out. There is nothing to be afraid of. There is also no way that as a woman you can physically become “bulky” or “huge” from lifting like men can. We simply do not have the same amount of testosterone (a hormone that encourages muscle growth) as men do. Unless you are lifting a ton, and then eating in a big surplus, or taking steroids, it is impossible. If you are someone who is scared to try it, go with a friend. It makes things much easier. Do research online. I follow so many fitness Youtube accounts, and Instagram accounts to find different gym exercises when I get bored of the ones I already know. The internet is an amazing tool for finding out about the fitness world. If you want to start lifting, and want to go about it in a safe way, I would recommend not paying the money for a trainer and instead just using sources like youtube and “how to” videos to create your own fitness plan. I will even put the links to some of the youtube accounts I follow at the bottom of this blog.

In May, I am going on a vacation to Hawaii. Up until that trip, I am going to clean up my diet a bit….but as always, I will maintain a balance. At college, my friends and I have found it hard to keep a healthy diet because they cafeteria offers so many sugary, delicious foods at all times of the day. No foods are off limits though. I am just going to work harder in the gym, and keep my calories at a safe amount for my body. It all depends on how much you weight, your gender, and your height when you are trying to figure out what the best amount of food for you to eat is. If you don’t care about calories though, a great way to stay healthy is to just eat right. Maybe 80% of the time, eat wholesome foods like fruits, veggies, good sources of proteins, and then on the weekends, let yourself indulge a little. This is how I balance out my diet currently. I also count my calories, but doing so is actually something I enjoy. I like to see the macronutrients on all the foods I consume. The app I use is called Lose It, and it is a great app for anyone who wants to lose weight, maintain weight, or just use it to see what you are putting in your body. Highly recommend it!

My cardio routine at the gym right now is 30 minutes on the stair master almost everyday (amazing machine; highly recommend as well) I sit a lot in classes during the day, and it always feels good to get moving. After my cardio, I will train with weights. I kind of do whatever I feel like on any given day. Some people have a split schedule where maybe they do biceps and shoulders one day, legs another day, etc. but I prefer to lift whatever part of my body is feeling strongest that day. If I am not in the mood to go the gym though, I simply do not go. I also do about a 10-15 minute session in the sauna where I relax, and stretch after my workout.

Being at the gym is not for everyone, and that is fine. I will say though that exercise is so beneficial for our bodies for many reasons. For me, it is also a form of therapy. When I am loaded with school work and in need of a break, I can always go to the gym. There is nothing wrong with not having any interest in going to the gym though. You can get some exercise in outdoors as well, or through other activities like yoga. Whatever floats your boat. I just think in the world we are living in today where the obesity rate is growing by the year, we should all stick together, support each other, and get moving in some way, shape, or form. We got this!

Christian Guzaman’s Channel

Maxx Chewning’s Channel

Heidi Somers Channel

Emily Hayden’s Channel

Whitney Simmons Channel

Randi Kennedy’s Channel

Theses are a few of my favorite fitness channels. These are very motivated, and inspiring people. From their pages, I am sure you can find many more fitness pages.



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