Amazing, kind of expensive, low calorie, high protein ice cream…

So as some people may know, there are a few new ice cream brands on the market. They are low calorie, and high protein. The brands I have tried so far are Halo Top, Enlightened, and Arctic Zero. I was literally in shock to see that you can eat the whole pint of these ice creams for like ¼ the amount of calories in Ben and Jerry’s (my fav). The whole pint. I know. If you have not checked these brands out, I highly suggest you see if your super market has them. Halo Top is probably the best out of the three, then Enlightened, and Arctic Zero last. Arctic Zero is a bit icier than the other 2 brands.

If you have a sweet tooth like I do, these are great because you don’t have to feel like crap after eating too much ice cream. The Halo Top chocolate flavor is only 240 calories FOR THE WHOLE PINT. There are some flavors that have mix ins, which are a bit higher in calories, but still much lower than if you went with some of the more traditional products. If you are trying to cut back for the summer, but not interested in cutting out ice cream from your diet, you should definitely try these!


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