My Favorite Amazon Products

Bluetooth, wireless headphones (better than beats)

I had Beats Wireless2 headphones, and they claimed to be sweat proof. Apparently I sweat too much for them because they broke 3 times, and I got a new pair each time. When they broke for a 4th time, I was done with that company. I found these on Amazon, and I sweat like crazy at the gym in them, but they never give out on me. They are also way cheaper than Beats products. If you are looking for good gym headphones, definitely try these out.

Polar Fitness Watch

This watch is a little on the expensive side, but it works very well. It comes with a heart rate monitor that you wear during your workouts, and at the end, the watch tells you exactly how hard you worked. It gives calories burned, highest heart rate, how long you were in the fat burning zone, and more. I absolutely love this watch.

Tile mate: lost item finder

I got this as a gift for my boyfriend because he loses his wallet a lot. It uses bluetooth to connect to your phone. You just throw it in your wallet, and if you ever loose it, you can use your phone to track the tile. It can also be used to find your car in the parking lot, and many other things. I think it was a great gift.

Middle Finer Coffee Mug (great gift)

This was a gift I got for my aunt. It is a very funny mug that says have a nice day on it, and then when you tilt it up to drink, there is a middle finger on the bottom. She loved it.

Eye Brow easy fix

I hate getting my eye brows waxed, so I don’t. Instead I use these amazing little things to clean up around the edges when I need to. They are simple to use, and cause no redness or pain to my face at all. Highly recommend.

Affordable portrait lens

My mom recently took interest in taking photos, and we got this lens because her teacher said it is great for taking portrait shots. It is cheaper to buy on Amazon than from your camera’s company brand, and it actually does take really great photos. We now bring it wherever we go with the camera.

Better than Bean, Bean looking boots

Bean boots are very popular at my school, but I could care less about fashion, so I went with these much more affordable boots. They work great in the snow, and are very comfortable. No need to spend all that money on a boot that is going to get dirty anyway.

Perfect pancake/egg rings

This was just a fun little thing that made me so excited when I saw it that I had to have it. They are perfect little circles that make your eggs or pancakes the perfect shape. They make breakfast look very pleasant, and for some reason, they are oddly satisfying to me.

Oil Diffuser

I freaking love this thing. It blows out amazing scents, and makes me feel very relaxed. There are cool lights on it, and I am convinced it is the reason behind me not getting sick at school. Everyone should own one of these things.

Essential Oils

These are the oils that go in the diffuser above. The scents are great, not too strong, and don’t pour out too quick. You never have to worry about adding too much scent.

Camelbak Water Bottle (reusable)

I am in love with reusable bottles. There are like 50 of them at my house. This one is my all time favorite. I have three of them. Yes, three. Buy one because you will not regret it.

Phone Mount (for car)

Out of everything on this list, this one is my absolute favorite. It holds my phone for me in the car when I am using navigation (I use apple maps, not the car navigation.) It is a very durable mount. I think I have had it for 3 years now almost. Have had no problems with it. Every time someone gets in my car, they compliment this little product. So worth it.

The best backpack ever

This is the backpack I currently use at a school. It has good support for my back, a laptop case, a bunch of cool little pockets, and it is sold in pretty colors. I have the grey and pale pink one, and I am in love with it. It does very well in the rain and snow. Nothing in the bag ever gets ruined, and it dries super fast. If you are looking for a backpack, get this one!

I hope you liked these products. If you plan on buying any of them, please get to them through the links provided on this blog. I am trying to get accepted into the Amazon affiliates program, so I need the purchase to come directly from the link on this blog!! If you want to see more of my amazon products, let me know, and I will do another post like this! xoxo


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