We All Worry Sometimes


You probably are not human if you have not worried about at least a few of the things I am going to mention. Worrying sucks. It really does. It is important though that we stop, breath, take a second to look at the severity of what we are worrying about, and then decide it if is actually worth the anxiety. Chances are, it’s not.

I have come across a lot of people, mostly people my age, who have been worried that someone is going to notice something about them that they don’t want people to. I have friends who worry about someone else noticing that they wore the same outfit out twice, friends who worry that someone will notice their non-matching socks, and I could go on forever. The fact of the matter is…. no one cares what you are doing, wearing, etc. because they are probably too busy worrying about themselves. I am not saying that everyone is selfish, but like come on. No one is going to notice the little things we think they are. Even if they do, they’ll think about it for maybe a second or two, and then something more interesting will happen. Worries like these are unnecessary, and if eliminated from our minds could have a small, but beneficial impacts on our stress levels.

Another common worry is bank. Cash money. Mula. There are a lot of words for it. You get the jist. I mean, I get it. Money makes the world go round so they say. I don’t own a house, or a car, or any liability/asset for that matter. I do see the stress that money causes people though. I do see the greed that arises when money becomes a factor.

Side note: My mom, brother, and I were at bingo night on a cruise that we went on a while back. A lady cut in front of us in line to pick up the bingo cards because god forbid she didn’t get her card first. We ended up winning $365 with the card that she would have gotten had she just waited her turn in line. I rest my case about greed.

Here is a quote to think about by Thoreau from Walden. ““Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind.”

This is yet another unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves though. It is a waste of time. Keep working hard, and the grind will pay off. I don’t want to spend my days thinking about money when the time comes where I have to pay my own bills. I guess all I am trying to say is there are things in life more important than money. Money can’t buy your first kiss, true friends, time with loved ones, health, etc. If you are someone who is worried about money right now, don’t be. There are probably over like 10,000 ways to make some.

The future. The future is a scary place, isn’t it? Wrong. Don’t think like that. The future is going to be freaking awesome, full of new experiences, people, adventures, and accomplishments. Stop thinking about it though, and focus on here and now so that when you do get to the future, it’s all good. I genuinely don’t think we can control our future. I mean, yeah we can do stuff now for a more “promising” future, but shit happens, things change, people change, plans change. Might as well give your worries about the future up to God because as far as I’m concerned, you can’t predict or control it. Just live your beautiful life, be happy in the present, and things will fall into place. It is especially not necessary to worry about death, or old age because we are all headed there no matter what. Life is too marvelous for worries like these.

Some other common anxieties I myself have had, or have heard others talk about include things like rejection, failure, ridicule, disappointing someone, losing a loved one, and I am sure you could add about 1,000 others to the list. Worrying is a part of our human nature, but we all get to dictate what we do and don’t want to think about. Here are a few things to do if you are ever feeling worried about anything.

  • Practice success: stop thinking about how badly something might turn out, and start thinking about how great it IS going to turn out.
  • Stop being so self-centered: don’t forget about the world around you; there is probably someone out here going through something 20,000x worse than what you are.
  • Literally tell yourself to stop
  • Be productive: worrying is like a form of procrastination; don’t put off what is actually important to worry about what’s not
  • Avoid jumping to conclusions, thinking all-or-nothing type of thoughts, and overgeneralizing situations.
  • Work out, or do some yoga. Get moving and distract your negative thoughts.
  • Lastly, work you ass off at whatever it is you do, and make sure you are doing something you love every day. Even if your main activity of the day (like you day job) is not what you love, find time at other parts of the day to devote to what you are passionate about.
  • As always, live, laugh, & love. Can never go wrong with that phrase.

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