4 Girls, One Room

I am a college freshman. Everything has been going great so far. I enjoy my classes, although psychology is a bit boring this semester, I have found awesome friends here, the parties are fun…but of course, there’s always something we find to make complaints about. For me, basically since I got here, it has been my dorm room. I actually gave up complaining about it for lent, but I am running out of patience. Sorry Jesus & mom.

I live in a quad (hence the title) and I am so beyond sick of it. As you can imagine, I was pissed off in the summer before even getting here when I found out that I would be living with 3 other people…in one room. Don’t get me wrong, the girls in the room are nice. We are civil. No one is mean. It’s just….a lot.

I like my privacy, and just about every time I feel that I have that in the room, the door swings open, slams shut (literally slams b/c our door is heavy af), and I am not alone anymore. I don’t even feel comfortable taking phone calls in the here because someone is usually either napping, or studying. I kid you not, every single time I walk up to the door, I say a quick prayer in hopes that the door is locked and no one is in there. More than half the time, I am let down.

The best part about the room though is that we all have our own little corners. I hung up some sheets around my bed so my corner is pretty secluded, which is nice. Idk if this sounds mean, but I’m just being honest. I can’t stand it. In the summer when I got the room assignment, and immediately went into panic mode, my older brother told me I needed to grow up. He doesn’t get it. Not to generalize, but boys seem to care less about things like this.

Everyone has different alarm schedules. It is hard enough to work around one other person. Think about having 3 other peoples’ alarms to wake up to at 1,000 different times. Everyone is different. I know. Maybe my roommates don’t mind this room as much as I do. I probably shouldn’t let it bother me as much as it does, but I can’t. I genuinely dislike the room at this point, and cannot wait to get out of here. Anyone going in to college who is told that they don’t want to live in a single their first year is being lied to. I would love to be living in a single right about now.

And I have a whole lot to say about the levels of sanitation in college dorm settings, but I should probably just mind my own and let everyone here do them. I’ll just leave you in suspense, and let you think of the nastiest thing you can think of. It’s probably happened on my hall.

All jokes aside, I am so grateful to be receiving my education from such a wonderful institution. If one thing was going to go wrong here, I would rather it be this than my grades or social life. My mom is probably happy that I vented on this blog instead of to her because usually every time we talk (which is multiple times a week because I love my mommy) I  bring up a new thing to hate about the room. “This is a learning experience” is what she always tells me. Whatever I was supposed to learn from this, I’m sure I have by now.

Moral of the story: shoulda put “single room” as my top priority option when I filled out the housing sheet


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  1. Hey Beca, I love you my dearest. I am actually laughing as I read this. It’s very honest which is beautiful. And for your big brother, boys are definitely different from us gals. It’s been years since I left college but I completely understand your frustrations. I can say though, my dearest, find things that you enjoy in this season of your life. There are always challenges in every season of life. Much love from this 31 year old lady 💞.

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