Why the Number on the Scale Does NOT Matter

In one of my posts from yesterday, I spoke about worry. Well, I know a worry we all have is one about our health. Sometimes, people get caught up on focusing on how much they weigh. I went through it, and sometimes I still think about it. What I have found though through research, and following some empowering, & beautiful women on social media is that it is more important how you feel than what that scale says.

A few of the fitness accounts I follow feature women who weigh a certain amount in a before picture, and then in their after picture, they weigh more than the first picture, but they are more toned, and look healthier. The reason behind these phenomenon is the fact that muscle is denser than fat, but it is much more compact. A pound is a pound, but a pound of muscle looks much different than a pound of fat. The picture linked to this post shows you that. The pounds of fat take up more space than the pounds of muscle. Having more muscle than fat mass is beneficial to the body for quite a few reasons. Not only do you increase your strength and stamina, but stronger muscles act as better support systems for your joints.

If you are someone who is concerned about your weight, I would suggest you stop weighing yourself for a while, and try eating intuitively, or try counting calories, and/or macros. Eating intuitively is the method that causes the least amount of stress though I believe because it is all about listening to your body, & eating when you are hungry, all while making healthier food choices here and there.

Another reason to not rely on the scale so much is that weight fluctuates throughout the day, and depending on what time you eat at night, your weight the next morning can vary. Other factors that play into weight changes are travel, water weight, the types of foods eaten, and much more. Also, for all the women who bloat as much as I do during that time of the month, I suggest not weighing yourself at all until it’s over. The number is not as important as how physically you feel. Don’t forget that. If change is what you want, change will come with dedication, and hard work. We are all defined by more than just a number on a scale anyway.

With all that said, after my ED experience, my mindset has changed. I know some people do not care at all about any of what I have said here, but fitness is something I am passionate about. If you do happen to take interest in what I had to say in this blog, then I hope it was helpful information. There are people out there who are much more versed in this topic than myself, but I like to think I have a pretty good foundation of knowledge when it comes to health related topics. I hope to keep building on what I know. Thanks for reading!


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