Don’t Be Fooled…

Now I know for sure I am not the first person to write about this, but I can tell you that this has happened to myself, and plenty of people that I know. These food companies are tricking us with their damn food labels, trying to make everything seem like it is less than it really is. The first product that tricked me was one by the company “Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookie”. WhileLenny-Larrys-Complete-Cookie-White-Chocolate-Macadamia-Nutrition-Facts their product tastes amazing, their packaging can be deceiving as first. The whole cookie is 360 calories, but on the nutrition label, it reads 1 serving: 180 calories. That means you only get to eat HALF the cookie for 1 serving, and if you eat the whole cookie, you have eaten 2 servings. They are definitely not the only company out there doing this. I mean really, who wants to eat half of a cookie!!?

Another way that food labels get us is by using words like natural, healthy, simple, fresh etc. Some brands are true to their statements, but others are just feeding us a bunch of BS (no pun intended) and loading their products with sodium, artificial flavors, and colors. Read the labels people. Ingredients are listed in order from most used to least used in making the product. A good rule of thumb to go by is that if you cannot pronouncequaker-oats-maple-brown-sugar.jpg a majority of the words in the ingredient list, there’s probably something weird going on there. Just the other day a friend of mine pointed out to me that Quaker’s Original quick oats has caramel coloring in it. This really pissed me off. I like that brand, but adding these artificial colors and then throwing the phrase “heart healthy” on something that has a cancer causing agent in it does not seem moral to me. It is just unnecessary. If you are a lover of oatmeal like myself, stray away from buying those little individual oatmeal containers as well. They tend to be higher in sugar than you would expect. The one in this picture has 13 grams. You are better off buying plain rolled oats, and putting in your own toppings in, like fresh fruit.

One last thing I want to point out is what happens to a product when the company turns it into a “low fat” option. This does not apply to all foods, so like I said, read your labels. Sometimes though, the fat content drops, and the sugar content or artificial additives content sky rockets up in order to maintain flavor and texture. Yoplait’s low fat yogurt is a good example of what I am describing with 26 grams of sugar, and sugar being the 3rd ingredient.  All in all, if you care about what you are putting into your body, the first place to start would definitely be by taking notice to the foods you are eating. Food labels provide so much useful information that many people overlook just because they automatically believe what the front cover says. Don’t be fooled!!    yoplait_original_mountain-blueberry.jpg

Food Score Website: this is a link to EWG’s food scoring site. You can type in a product, and get feedback on how much sodium, sugar, artificial favorings, preservatives, etc. are in the product. It also gives you a rating. The lower the number, the better!


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  1. Great post and advice! Can’t agree more about the Oats. I used a commercial brand for ages but could never lose the fat around my waist. As soon as I switched to the plain no sugar oats, abs started making an appearance ( with lots of physical fitness of course)


  2. Food companies put all sorts of misleading claims out there. So frustrating. And now some restaurants want to roll back the menu-labeling requirements (probably many do but won’t all publicly state it). But we can’t backslide on it. Maybe some people won’t care the calorie count of something, but many people will. For some it does shift them to a healthier alternative. Like me. 🙂

    Great article. We have to continue to demand more from the food industry. It’s a platform I like to preach about too!


  3. Health&Nutrition Tips

    Even if you read the label, you would not understand everything. Some substances are harmless, some are actually a little poisonous 🙂 Some E products are actually not bad at all.


  4. blissfulbohemian17

    Thank you so much for spreading awareness on this topic! I am a health guru and personal trainer myself, and I was about to eat a Complete Cookie the other day but couldn’t get over how much SUGAR aka POISON was in it!

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