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When I first was overcoming my eating disorder, I had to constantly tell myself to stop labeling foods as “good” or “bad”.  My nutritionist at the time gave me a great analogy in order to see what the problem is with labeling foods like this. Picture a knife. One person might look at it and see a harmful weapon, while someone else might look at it and see a utensil for cutting foods. The knife itself is neutral in the situation, and has no sense of morality. I was attaching moral values to foods based on what I thought their effects on my body would be. I now just see food as a source of energy. We are all aware that there are food options that will overall make you feel physically better after eating them, and others that taste awesome, but might make you feel a bit sluggish.  Those kinds of foods should not be labeled as bad, make you feel guilty for eating them, or cause you to judge someone else for eating them. It took me a long time to realize this. There is no need to label foods. If they happen to make you feel like crap, then just don’t eat them. That same food might have a completely different effect on another person’s body. We are all different.

That was more of a long side note because the main part of this blog is me sharing some of the foods/snacks that I love, and I would say overall make me feel energized & satisfied after eating them.

The first meal that I have been loving, especially since it is so easy to make in my dorm is oatmeal with a serving of peanut butter, and a scoop of chocolate protein powder. I use protein powder often here in order to up my protein intake being that my options at school are limited. Nonetheless, this concoction tastes so delicious. I use FitMiss Delight Women’s Complete Protein powder, and it mixes in really well with the warm oatmeal. The peanut butter I use is creamy Skippy, and I use Quaker quick oats.

Another food that I love is pancakes. A brand that my boyfriend and I came across last year is called Kodiak Cakes. They have a protein packed blend that we liked to use. I can’t really make pancakes at school, but when I get home this summer, I will most definitely re-incorporate these into my diet. I like to mix in mini chocolate chips, and then melt some peanut butter to drizzle on top when they are done. If you couldn’t tell, I am obsessed with peanut butter…literally!!

If you are someone who likes to eat Greek yogurt and/or cookie dough, this is something you can try. I prefer either Fage or Chobani plain Greek yogurt. All you do is add peanut butter (of course), a few mini chocolate chips, a splash of vanilla extract, and a little bit of honey to a container of Greek yogurt, mix, and eat. It’s so good. It’s probably not as yummy as real deal raw cookie dough, but it doesn’t upset your stomach after you eat a good amount of it (:

Something else I do with Greek yogurt that some people give me a funny look for is I make tuna salad with it instead of using mayonnaise. The taste of mayo is a bit nasty to me, and I think this is because I used to eat it by the spoonful with my Mom-Mom when I was younger lol.  Canned tuna is an awesome source of protein if you are not grossed out by fish, and I think it tastes great mixed with plain Greek yogurt instead of mayo. Add a little avocado for some healthy fats if you’d like too!

Some quick snacks that I can grab on the go that I have found work well for my body are Orville Redenbacher’s single serve “kettle cooked popcorn”, a rice cake with peanut butter on it, apple and/or bananas with peanut butter, Quest bars and Power Crunch bars (there are my 2 favorite protein bars), Wholly Guacamole packets with pretzels/chips or whatever you like, light and fit Greek yogurt vanilla flavored, and Blue Diamond single pack roasted almonds. These are currently the snacks I frequently have at school. Also, I mentioned this in another blog, but if you are looking for some low calorie ice cream, Halo Top is the brand to buy. When I am home from school though, there are more options because our pantry and fridge are usually stocked with more foods than I have access to here. I will link below all of the products I mentioned in this blog in case anyone is interested.

















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  1. My tuna recipe – mix a drained can with 1/4 c Greek yogurt, 1 tsp brown mustard, a few dashes of hot sauce, and a grind or two of sea salt. It’s very flavorful. I throw dill pickles in mine, and green onions if I have them.

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