So this happened…

Here’s just another story from my life for y’all. Just me making an “in the moment” decision that was definitely not one of my best looking back on it. Hope you enjoy, and maybe get a laugh. I know my dad sure didn’t.

I was home alone for a weekend last summer being that the rest of my family was at our beach house, and I had to go to work. When I am home alone, I tend to get nervous. Nervous about what, I don’t know, but something about sleeping in a whole house by myself makes me a little on edge. I am sure some of you can relate. Anyway, We have a door that leads through our garage/basement to our upstairs, and so I decided to lock that door at night. When I left the house that day for work, not only did I pick up my back-up car key that does not have my front door key on it, but I also left that basement door locked. Aside from the front door, the basement door was my only way in. It was probably 95 degrees outside when I got home from work, and I was wearing a white polo with khakis. Not the most ideal summer outfit if you ask me.

As I was about to go into panic mode, and put myself in a bad mood, I thought out all of my options. I called my mom first because she tends to be calmer than my dad. She told me to look around for a spare key, but we didn’t have one. I then proceeded to call my dad who went on to tell me how immature this was. My relationship with my dad is a very special one though. He was always the parent who did less of the disciplining, so he has a soft side. He makes valiant efforts at trying to discipline, but as soon as he tried to reprimand me, we both began to laugh. He told me his parents who live nearby might have a key to our front door, but when I called them I got no response.

Now I started getting angry at myself, knowing that this was my own fault. My parents who had spare keys were an hour away enjoying their beach day, and I had to figure this out myself. I would have to break into my own home, I decided. I got a ladder out of the garage and a thin, shovel type thing to try and pry the screen off a window. The window wouldn’t budge once I got past the screen though. My next move was definitely not one of my smartest moments, but I was sweating, and impatient at this point. Probably about 45 minutes had passed since I got home. So, what did I do now? I took a hammer to the door knob of the basement door. There, I said it. Not gonna lie, I got all the anger out that I had built up over this past hour or so, and after a few cracks at it, the door creaked open. A burst of cold air from inside hit me, and after I had finished enjoying that little glorious moment, I stepped back and realized what I had just done. Long story short, my mom told me not to worry about it, and that it would be an easy fix, but my dad blew it out of proportion when he found out. Thankfully though, the door is now better than ever, and fully equipped with a number lock system, so no more keys needed! Sorry dad, we all make mistakes!!


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  1. charlespaolino

    We all make mistakes, indeed. We were visiting relatives in Brooklyn one Sunday afternoon, and after my Dad parked our ’57 Cadillac, we all got out and he managed to lock the car with the keys in the ignition and the engine running. While we were standing around wondering what to do, a guy who was sitting on the stoop of a brownstone asked if we needed help — as though that were not obvious. He shouted up at an open third-floor window, and his sister stuck out her head. He said, “Throw down my keys!” (Actually, he said “tro,” not “throw.” This WAS Brooklyn, after all.) His sister threw down a big steel ring that must have had four pounds of keys on it. He patiently fingered through the keys and tried several until he found one that opened our car. My Dad rewarded him, and w
    e didn’t ask any questions.

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  2. Made me laugh. I have a phone system in my pick up in the 1992. It had a handset with cord and all. I had just got sprayed by a once inch hose at 50 psi and the water shot through the drivers window that was down and hit the passenger window that was up. Tried to use my phone and had a problem with it. So I lost it and threw the phone out the passenger window that was up. So it bounced back and hit me upside the head. After that i stopped throwing things our of frustration. Your young.

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  3. ren

    That was a good one!
    I might not have thought of attacking the door knob, but would have maybe broken a window instead. THAT would be sure cause for ‘a parent’ to take notice of such talents.
    Thanx for this share,

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