Making Memories


This past Friday my boyfriend (John) came to visit me. Not only was that exciting, but Lil Wayne had a concert here as well that we went to. The atmosphere of a college campus on weekends like these is pure bliss. The weather was beautiful, there were a bunch of events, campus tours, and parties going on. I could not have asked for a better weekend honestly. It is moments and days like these that I am going to look back on in the future, and remember what an awesome life I lived. It is so important to live in the moment because they tend to go by so quickly. At the concert last night (Saturday), I am proud to say I only took one quick video with my phone. For the rest of the time, I chose to enjoy the company of my boyfriend, Lil Wayne’s music (which I absolutely love), and the joy of the people around us. I danced my heart out, sweated a ton, and we got Dominoes afterwards because that’s the college thing to do. Order Dominoes at 2 AM after having a bomb night hahaha

It’s Sunday now as I am writing this and a weekend that I had looked forward to for months has now flown by, and will sit in my mind as a memory that I will recall on every once in a while. I think it is an interesting concept, the whole “memories” thing. We only get to remember so much. Most of the things that happen to us tend to fade away, or return to our mind for a little bit upon coming across something that sparks a certain thought or feeling. The brain is really fascinating in that way.

If you are not interested in blogging because it seems like maybe too much of a commitment, I suggest you start writing down a journal of things that go on in your life occasionally. My English teacher told my class to do this on the first day of our senior year in high school. I started doing so that day. It began with me writing every day, but now I just jot down some thoughts, events, etc. that are going on in my life whenever I feel like it. When I am older, those journals, along with this blog are going to be awesome things for me to look back on, show my future kids, and remind me how wonderful life really is.

It is so so SO important that we be grateful for what we have been given by God. Friends, family, love, food, education, a brain, talents, and the list goes on and on and on. We get these little memories and moments of happiness like I had this weekend to balance out with the stressful times. Life is not all just fun because there certainly are harder times. Whether you have a lot going on at once, you lose a loved one, you are not where you wanted to be in life at the moment, or you are just a stressed person overall, think back on your life. Think about the times that have made you laugh or smile. I truly believe the reason we have certain memories that stay with us forever is so that when we need them to think back on, they are right there at our disposal waiting for their chance to put a smile on our faces once again. So this week when I am studying for my psychology exam, and getting overloaded with homework, I will take a minute to remember that I had this well spent weekend, and that so many more are to come!


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