You vs. You


I hate when it happens, but I certainly will admit that I have caught myself comparing or competing with people around me. This is such a bad habit not only for our mental selves, but for the world as a community. When I find myself doing this, I always make sure to stop and take a minute to realize how dumb it is compare any part of my life journey to another’s. Whether it be money related, intelligence related, fitness oriented, etc. Just don’t do it. It can cause unwarranted stress, make you feel bad about yourself for no good reason, and it can also put people up on ego-altars (if that’s even a word, idk) that they don’t deserve to be on. Not that I don’t love encouraging other people because I certainly do, but I would not do so in the manner where I tell them I wish I was them, or I wish I had their life. I am so content with the beautiful life I have, and you should be too, even if you are not where you want to be. If you have read my blogs in the past, you know that I believe that you are the only one who can truly change that feeling.

Of course I use the people around me who are thriving as inspiration though. My dad is a successful business man who worked damn hard at his job to get where he is, my mom worked her ass off to make sure my brother and I got where we needed to be in life, most of my professors in college put their brains to the limits and got the highest degrees they could achieve, the fitness accounts I follow on social media are filled with people who dedicate their life to their passion for the gym and get super awesome physiques. While I do have worries and thoughts that I won’t get to where the amazing people around me are in life, or I won’t be able to this or that, when I look at the bigger picture, I know I will be able to….if I put me vs. me ALWAYS. That is what this life is. You vs. You. No one is going to do anything for you, make you do something you don’t want to, or stop you from doing what you do want to. And if someone does try to do any of that, then they don’t belong in your life (unless it’s your mom who knows far more about life than you do, listen to her lol).

I see the whole you vs. you concept applied to sports most often, but the truth is it should and can be applied to essentially every aspect of life. Yes, there are people who can offer advice, and help along the way, but when you want something, or when you want to live a certain way, you have to focus on one person and one person only. Yourself. It is not selfish to do so when you are trying to achieve a goal. Everyone moves at their own pace, so compete with yourself. There is nothing wrong with having a competitive attitude in sports and such, but I believe there is something wrong when that competitiveness gets applied to everyday life in comparison to other people. Do yourself a favor and cut it out if you find that you do this a lot. I bet you will experience much more positivity, and success along the way.


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  1. Carla Laporte

    Great advice! We have no one else to blame then ourselves if we don’t achieve something. Work hard and go for it! Then you can feel pride for what you’ve achieved.

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  2. This is indeed so true! I loved the expression “ego-alters”…unfortunately, I tend to put people on those alters much too often, not realizing that I am putting myself down in the process for no reason whatsoever. Your post reminded me to stop doing that and focus on just me – so, thanks for that 🙂

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  3. Great read! Learning that the greatest person who can love us is ourselves and we are our biggest champion and support system. Reminding myself of those things gets me through the moments where i’m looking outwards instead of inwards.

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  4. So true! I’ve been scrolling through IG accounts of people who inspire me (healthwise, clothingstylewise, talentwise) and get so motivated to get there myself, but I try to not compare and feel bad about myself. I just use them for inspiration and motivation.

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  5. In yoga, they’re always saying that your practice should not look like anyone else’s – nor will it look the same as last week’s. And if you fall over, that’s WONDERFUL, because it means you pushed BEYOND you. And that means you’ve won.

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  6. A very inspirational post! It’s something we all succumb to at various points in our lives. It’s advice like this that we need to use to remind ourselves that everyone has a story, and everyone earns what they have.

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