Working Hard or Hardly Working? or both…

Finals week is approaching, the end of my freshman year in college is approaching, and so is the end of the motivation I have left for school unfortunately (lol). With the weather getting nicer, and the vibe of the campus getting livelier, it is becoming harder and harder to focus on school work. I am looking forward to this summer very much, even more so than I looked forward to summer in high school. Being that finals count for a lot of my overall class grade, it is so important that I remind myself to hang in, and push my hardest until the end. For my own personal satisfaction, it will be better that I know I put in all the work I could. Even if I don’t do so well on an exam, putting in the most effort I can allot to studying is what is important to me.

As always though, balance is crucial. I am not one to sit in my room for hours on end and study, study, study. I probably only study a maximum of three hours per day, maybe a little more/less when it comes to big exams like finals. Studying is mentally draining. Honestly. Half the stuff I am studying isn’t going to stay in my brain very long anyway…especially since I am not deep into my major yet where I actually care about every course I am taking. I guess my poetry class is a nice break from science, and an overall easier class, but still…don’t really care about it (the professor is amazing, don’t get me wrong…poetry is not for me though.)

If anyone is going through or coming up on an important event or time in your life, give all you have, but do so with a balance. Don’t get all worked-up, or at least try not to. You can ask my mom about this, and she can clarify. In elementary school, from like 3rd to maybe 6th grade, I was insane. I was such a perfectionist, crying over freakin’ elementary school homework as if it mattered. I stressed like crazy about tests, and literally remember sitting at my kitchen table and crumbling up homework if I couldn’t do it. I worried about leaving problems blank or having to ask questions because that wasn’t good enough. No one but myself was putting this pressure on me. Not my parents, not my teachers, just me. It was so strange. I guess I just had enough of that because sooner or later I just stopped giving a damn, and just did what I could to my best abilities without excessively applying myself. I pulled all A’s acting crazy like that, but you know what? I got those same killer grades all throughout high school even after eliminating all those perfectionist tendencies.

Sometimes it is nice to go above and beyond and to be the over achiever. It feels good to know you really gave it your all. There are definitely times though where over achieving becomes a lot of unnecessary work. I’m not saying do the bare minimum in everything you do, but sometimes you can get away with just that, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I am working a job in the career development center on my campus next year, and the girl who currently has the position I will be in specifically told me not to get nitpicky with the little stuff that I will be in charge of because there are too many other more important aspects of the job to be enjoyed rather than wasting time on alphabetically ordering the docs in my google docs folder or something like that.

Again, I don’t put just my bare minimum into the important stuff, only the things that are not worthy of my stress. I’ll just throw an example in where I definitely have not given my all. Summer reading (assigned by the school). Never finished one summer reading book in high school. I don’t like to read books really, and so I didn’t waste my time on it. Skimming and Sparknotes was more my deal. I can say confidently that having finished every summer reading book I was ever assigned would not have put me in a different spot than I am now. It’s just unrealistic to think so.

I actually have a summer reading book this coming summer for the job I will have next year at school though. Because I care about the job, and want to give my employers the utmost respect for choosing me for the position though, obviously I am going read the book they asked us to read.  It is going to further my knowledge about the job I will be doing, so it would be irresponsible of me not to. This is what I mean when I say put the effort in to your full capacity where it matters to YOU most. So that’s all I have to say on that. Give your best efforts where you prefer to give most of your time, and don’t be afraid to put a tad less stress on yourself if you can because that’s A-okay if you ask me. Stress is no bueno.


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