One Year Down

As my first year of college comes to a close, and rather quick might I add, I can’t help but write a blog to reflect on my experience so far. I guess I will start off with my college decision story. I applied to 22 different schools because I had no idea what I wanted. I didn’t know if I wanted big, small, far, close, public, private, or whatever other categories there are that colleges fall under. I did not let this overwhelm me though. My parents had no problem with me applying to so many places because they too wanted me to keep my options open and make the best decision for ME in the end. Thinking back, I must say I both could and could not be happier with the decision I made. Bucknell is a great school for me personally for more reasons than not. It is small, only 3 hours from home, academically challenging, has a lot going on extra-curricular wise, and I have found a good group of friends here. The reason I say I could be happier is because I wish I had thought about my major and minor options more. There are other options that I didn’t even know existed. Bucknell is limited in major and minor options and while I enjoy chemistry and will feel very rewarded when I graduate with a chemistry degree, I would love if we had some type of nutrition or health science studies here. Some other smaller things I have noticed include

  • My mom did more for me at home than I thought
  • No matter how many times I see my family and boyfriend and then come back to school after, I get sad for at least a day every time
  • I do not get enough sleep, yet I am still high functioning…even without coffee… which makes me feel like one day I am just going to crash but I guess we’ll deal with that if it happens haha
  • People are more open minded and accepting of others in college
  • Rate my professor is the best invention known to man
  • The best time to do laundry is at 2 am or a day where you don’t have much going on because it is literally like house arrest…takes 2+ hours to do.
  • You have a lot of free time, but a shit ton more work to fill that free time
  • No one is going to make you go to class and apparently once you skip one, you can’t stop…have not skipped a class yet so that’s good
  • The freshman 15 is not real…at least is wasn’t for me
  • Time freakin’ flies forreal… faster than ever
  • The extra work/studying pays off
  • Had to make new friend for the first time since idk when which was weird but it worked out
  • It is so weird that a year ago I did not know my friends here, but I now eat with them and hang with them just about every day
  • Living in a dorm with multiple people sucks
  • I love Netflix and Hulu
  • Don’t drink the jungle juice… mom told me that when she was in college a friend of hers pee’d in it and watched people drink it…so I don’t drink it lol
  • Finding a comfortable place to study is important
  • Curved grades save my life
  • Go to office hours
  • Fire drills at 3 am should be illegal
  • So should going into the bathroom with no shoes on…the sanitation of most people here is on a new level of gross
  • Hide you fracket (frat jacket) in a good spot because people steal them
  • Class registration is like survival of the fittest
  • I call my mom a lot
  • Extra vitamin C is a must. Sickness spread like wild fire here.
  • I don’t wear even a fraction of the cute clothes I brought here
  • Shower shoes should be required
  • I took my room at home for granted by sleeping on the couch so much when I was home
  • If I didn’t know how to prioritize, I would be so screwed
  • I have started to call this “home” which is so strange but for the next 3 years, I guess it is.
  • I have never been more ready for summer to come

I have enjoyed this first year, and I cannot wait to see what comes! If you or someone you know is headed to college this coming fall, I hope this list was something helpful. If not, then thanks for reading!


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  1. Thanks for visiting The Glasgow Gallivanter earlier. I’m glad you have had a successful first year and have overcome your eating disorders (I read some of your other posts). Good luck with whatever is coming up next!

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