Setting Some Goals

Long term goals are great to have because they give you something to look forward to, something to work hard towards for an extended period of time, and they give you room to make mistakes along the way. Short terms goals are just as, if not more important than long term ones though. Every once in a while, I like to reflect on what I am doing in life, if I am happy doing what I am, and if there is anything I want to change about my routine. As my freshman year of college comes to an end and I go into the summer, I have decided to set some goals to keep my head straight leading up to next year.

The first thing I am doing this summer is going to California to see my brother graduate college, and then going to Hawaii as a gift for his graduation with my family. My one and only goal for that trip is to relax more than I ever have before. I have a busy summer and a stressful workload coming up later in the year, so Hawaii will be the best time for me to give my body a rest and just enjoy my time with my family.

Literally the day after I get back from Hawaii, I am starting a general chemistry course at a college nearby. My goal for that class is to get no lower than a B final grade. A’s are great, but I have seen myself wok extremely hard in classes and still get a B, so I am fine with B’s. C’s I don’t really handle well…well I actually have never gotten a C in a class but I would assume I would not handle it well. Aside from the grade, I also want to make sure I give the class all that I can……while still enjoying my summer of course… even if this means sacrificing a few weekend trips to the beach to study for class exams.

After I complete my class, I will be joining the EMT squad in my town….or I might do them at the same time but I have not decided yet. The class is 4 times a week for like 2-6 hours some days so idk yet. Anyway, I got certified last year, and cannot wait to actually get the full experience.  I am nervous, but more excited than anything to start honestly. My goal for that is to go into it with a confident mindset because one thing I fear is that I am going to forget something I learned. I know that I will be surrounded by a great group of people who have much more experience than I do that will help me along the way though. My mom even said she might try to volunteer with me which would be cool.

Another thing I am doing over the summer, which I am looking forward to the most is shadowing a physician’s assistant for the first time. This will help me see if this path is really the one for me. I have a great feeling about this experience because I am not nervous about it at all. My goal for this is to just enjoy it, learn as much as I can from it, ask questions, and overall, gain a better understanding as to just why I want to go into the medical field. Should be a great summer.

These things I am doing are all goals that I had about a year ago that are now being put into play, and within each of them, there are more goals. Setting goals is fun, motivating, and just a positive thing to do overall. In doing all this I am helping further myself individually, and paving the way for me to achieve my long term goal of going to PA school. Set some goals today, short term, long term, whatever term, and write them down. Repeat them to yourself every day, stay positive, and achieve great stuff! Thanks for reading!


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