Mother’s Day Weekend

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful moms out there. There is no way I could ever repay mine for all she has done for me. Moms are very special people, and I think we often take for granted all that they actually do for us. Moms are the ones we cling to when we are babies, the ones we cry to when we are hurt, the ones we learn how to care for others from, the ones who do our laundry, make our beds, cook us dinner, schedule our appointments and more during our child/teen years, and even the ones we call and complain to when we get put in a quad in our first year at college….okay maybe that last one is just applicable to me haha. All in all, moms are the best and I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day weekend. This past weekend was so great, especially just having gotten done with school last week. On Saturday, my mom, sister, myself, and a group of friends went to the city to see the play “Wicked”. I saw it when I was about 9, but seeing it again and being able to fully understand all that was going on was amazing. If you have not seen the play, I highly recommend it. Before the play, we walked around the mall and saw Tina Fey in H&M. My mom said “now there’s a lesson” since Tina is a successful comedian with a good amount of money and is still shopping at H&M. It was a very relaxing and fun day, despite the crappy, rainy weather. Yesterday, Sunday, they were calling for rain, but it ended up being pretty nice out for most of the day. My mom, sister, and I decided to go to our beach house with my grandma, my aunt, and my baby cousin Cecelia. We got delicious food from a local spot, and just relaxed. As I write this, I am listening the radio and they are saying that some moms claim that they hate Mother’s Day because it is stressful making sure all the plans go as planned. That is a shame, and I am just glad that my mom did not feel that way. It ended up raining in the later part of the day, but we saw 4 different rainbows, and my mom absolutely loves wonders of nature like rainbows. She was thrilled to see so many of them yesterday, and kept stopping to take pictures. Of course, my sister and I were like “whatever” but it was nice to see her get such joy from them! Overall, this past weekend was amazing. I hope all mothers enjoyed their day!


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