Don’t Fall for the Fads


Juice cleanses, tea detoxes, water fasts, weight loss pills, the list goes on. I think just about every day I have heard someone talk about, or seen someone promoting these ridiculous health fads. The truth is, if you ask me, none of this is as healthy as you are being told. I will admit that I once tried to do the tea detox, and waking up in the middle of every night with a sudden sharp pain, and an urge to go the bathroom was definitely not worth it.

With that said, let’s start with the juice cleanses. They are supposed to “detoxify” your body apparently. The human body is amazing, and people keep forgetting that humans survived healthily and happily in the past without this. That is because the body rids of toxins on its own. One function of our liver, for example, is to use its enzymes to break down alcohol when need be. The kidneys are another example I can think of on the spot that are constantly working to filter our blood stream. Just relying on juice for your daily nutrients also deprives the body of both calories and protein. They also help further the legitimization behind the idea that indulgence should come with a punishment. All in all, you might lose a few pounds (of water weight) from these juice cleanses, but just drinking juice and not eating any other whole foods is not something I am in support of. The scientific evidence behind them is just not there.

The tea detox is probably the worst on the list. Like I mentioned my experience with it was terrible, but I am not bias for that reason alone. One again, there is lack of scientific indication that these are good for us. It is a shame that many celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner and Vanesa Hudgens, are promoting this nonsense product because there are young people who look up to some of them and will do it only because they are without finding out more about it. Again, with the tea, you will only be losing water weight, not actual fat. There is an ingredient called senna in most of these teas, and senna is a laxative that is NOT meant to be used long term, so if you drink these teas every day, then you are literally drinking laxatives every day of the “cleanse.” That factor alone should be unappealing enough to deter people from trying this. Taking laxatives when they are not needed is unhealthy for the body. There is no quick fix to weight loss, and a product like this is just giving people unhealthy false hope.

Hydroxycut, Raspberry Ketones, Cambogia Extract….all a bunch of bologna. These are some of the weight loss pills on the market. People take diet supplements for many different reasons, and while most are harmless, there are some ingredients in these weight loss pills that have been banned by the FDA. Because these are all called dietary supplements, and not classified as actual drugs, that means that no scientific evidence is needed for them to be proven to work. While there are probably some success stories out there about weight loss pills, there are plenty of articles about the dangerous side affects, like hypertension and liver/kidney failure, that can occur. Basically, what all products I have mentioned have in common is the idea that weight loss is some quick fix. It is not. Weight loss, and doing so in a healthy manner, requires a lot of dedication and hard work in both the gym and the kitchen. These mentioned products are completely unnecessary and can often do more harm than good. I would advise anyone I know to leave these products out of their daily routine and rely solely on drinking enough water, eating a whole and balanced diet, and getting some exercise in. If you do take any of these products, I do not mean to offend you, but I do advise you to do your research before completely committing to any type of diet, detox, or weight loss fix.


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  1. A great sensible post unlike some of those fads you mentioned. If you eat sensibly, exercise ( I walk at least 6 days a week) then good health and weight loss, if you have any to lose will follow. Not in 2 weeks but over a period of time.

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