California: Day 1

I have been waiting for this trip for quite some time, and today was the day. This morning, at approximately 5:30 AM, my mom, sister, and I woke up and got dropped off at the airport by my dad. He is coming on Friday. We arrived at the airport about 7 AM meanwhile our flight was not until 10 AM. My dad always does this. He makes us go to the airport extremely early “just in case”…more like because he’s crazy. Anyway, we ended up spending most of our waiting time in the United Club, walking laps around the place to kill time and get ready for the 6 hours of sitting that was about to come. Before this though, we had to go through security check. I’ll tell you, some people are just so rude and lack patience. We are on line for the security thing, and this lady behind us just runs in front of us and other people in front of us to get her stuff checked because god forbid she wait in a line like everyone else. Same thing happened to my mom and I while we were online for the bathroom. A woman ran to the first open stall she saw, cutting a good 5-7 people in front of her. Unbelievable. You gotta laugh though.

The flight itself was not too bad though. I slept for a bit of it, and they had a great movie selection. At one point during the flight, my mom was talking to one of the stewardesses and a man approached the two of them. He stood there and spoke with them for about 10 minutes and then asked my mom if she was the mom from the “Home Alone” movies… what? She looks nothing like that actress. When my mom said no, he walked away in disappointment. And of course we had your usual rude, selfish people on our flight who complained every second to the people who were working hard to accommodate every passenger. Other than that, nothing too eventful happened on the plane. When we landed, we got on a bus, went to the car rental place, picked up a car, and drove to our hotel. After relaxing for a bit, we got bored and went to see my brother Michael who I have not seen since I believe my winter break. He is doing great! he just got his first full time job as an assistant producer for BET. I also got to meet his girlfriend for the first time, and she was lovely! Today has been a very long day with the time difference and all. We made the decision to go to Disneyland at some point tomorrow, so I am super stoked about that. Looking forward to the rest of the trip. More blogs to come. Hawaii in T-3 days!!! Thanks for reading.


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