California: Day 2

Being that NJ is 3 hours ahead of Cali time, we woke up so early this morning. I’m talking before 6 am early. My mom and I went to the gym for a bit to kill some time and when my sister woke up, we went down to the Starbucks in our hotel and got a quick breakfast. I highly recommend the reduced fat turkey bacon and egg white sandwich there for a decent breakfast item. Around 9, we went over to my brother’s house to help him clean and pack since he is moving soon. Aside from the okay Starbucks breakfast, today was a day filled with amazing food so that’s basically what I going to talk about in this blog. For lunch, my mom and I got grilled chicken & Portobello mushroom w/ goat cheese salads from a place called Bruxie. If you are ever in Orange, California, you must try to go to Bruxie. It is a chicken and waffle house. They basically make awesome sandwiches and the bread is made out of waffles. I know what you’re thinking. Who goes to a chicken and waffle house and gets a salad lol. We do. That’s who does hahah. I have had the waffle in the past though so I can guarantee it’s good. Noelle (my sister) went to a place called Growl, which is an acai bowl/smoothie place. Four years ago, when we first dropped Michael off at school, I had my first ever acai bowl at Growl. That was before they were even a thing in New Jersey. If you have not ever had an acai bowl, it is basically a bowl of blended up fruits topped with granola, more fruit, honey, peanut butter, or whatever toppings you want really. The best place in NJ for them is Playa Bowls.

After lunch, we went back to our hotel and I literally passed out in 2 seconds because I was so tired. I woke up around 4 and for the rest of the day, we decided to go to Seal Beach (the Seal Beach pier is seen in the post’s header image). It was a beautiful beach town with cute little shops, restaurants, and a lot of really cool homes. You know you are on vacation when you get dessert before AND after dinner. We stopped at a bakery called Sweet Jill’s Bakery. Once again, I have to highly recommend this place if you are ever in Seal Beach. They make all types of cool desserts. We got a cookie dough covered brownie, a peanut butter fudge cup, a carrot cake cupcake, an M&M cookie, and a walnut bar. Don’t worry, we didn’t even come close to finishing all of that, just took little tastes of each one. For dinner, we went to a seafood restaurant called Walt’s Wharf. I got ahi poke for an appetizer which is raw tuna, and blackened catfish with jalapeño polenta and asparagus for dinner. My mom got red curry seafood with shrimp, scallops, and other fish, and my sister got crab bisque. The food was all very fresh and so delicious, and the service was very quick. Another great spot to check out if you are even in that area.

Being with just my mom and my sister has been so relaxing. Tomorrow my dad and his parents are coming though, so our girls time will be over. As I write this, it is 9 pm here, and 12 am at home so I am starting to feel pretty tired. We have to try and stay up though because we don’t want to wake up so early every day. It is going to get even worse when we get to Hawaii in a few days being that it is 6 hours behind NJ. Can’t really complain though. This trip has been great so far!


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