California: Day 3

Before I talk about what we did today, I have to talk about something that happened last night. As my mom and I were lying in bed sound asleep, my sister was awake on my laptop watching YouTube videos. All of a sudden, she starts screaming at me about an alarm going off in the hotel. There was some type of siren sounding off in the distance, but she thought it was coming from the hotel. There was not a calm bone in her body because she ran out into the hallway at 11:30 pm and started screaming, “It’s coming from the hotel, it’s coming from the hotel! I have to go to the lobby!” I could not stop laughing, and I kind of felt bad because she really thought something was wrong. She even made my mom call the front desk to ask if we had to evacuate the building. Turns out I was right, and the siren was coming from far away. For the next half hour though, my mom and I stayed awake being that the alarm was brought to our attention. It may not sound as funny as it was in the moment, but I have never seen her go so insane about something. I’ll probably laugh every time I tell the story in the future. Sorry Noelle!

Once again, we woke up bright and early. Instead of going to the boring hotel gym though, we found a cute park nearby to walk at. For breakfast, we found a really good mom and pop diner type place that I cannot remember the name of. The owner was adorable, and so grateful that we were eating at her restaurant since she has a hard time being that she is in competition with the big brand chain names in the area. She even gave us some of her home grown, fresh mulberries. For the rest of the day, we went to Fashion Island (an outdoor mall) in Newport Beach. This place was literally beautiful. I wouldn’t mind living in Newport Beach one day tbh lol…minus the insane traffic. Anyway, we had planned on going to the actual beach, but my brother needed help picking out an outfit for his graduation which is tomorrow. Talk about last minute. So, we ended up not ever getting to the beach. The stores in this mall were all pretty high end. All I bought was a pair of sunglasses for $10. My mom is a die-hard clearance shopper, so we love to find the good sales.

My sister and I went to a bomb macaron place at the mall called ‘Lette Macarons. We got chocolate, salted caramel, red velvet, vanilla, and coconut. For lunch, we went to a place called Le Pain Quotidien. It is famous for its freshly baked breads, and I can see why. Our lunch was delicious. Being that I am relatively fare skinned, I got a bit of sunburn on my shoulders, but hopefully it will just turn to tan. I’m bummed we didn’t hit the beach today, but we got a lot of walking in which was much needed since we have been eating lots of yummy sweets on this trip so far. Tomorrow is Michael’s big day, and we could not be more excited for him! Thanks for all who have been following my trip so far! Hope you are enjoying the reads. I know they might be a bit boring, but honestly, these blogs are more so for my family and I to read back on for memories. Happy Friday, and I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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