Last Day In Cali: First Day in Hawaii

On our last day, Saturday, Michael graduated! Of course, it was like 92 degrees out and the graduation was outdoors. The ceremony was really nice though. Just the students in the majors related to Michael’s major walked that day, so we were only there for about 3 hours. Before the graduation, we got brunch with everyone, and after, we went out for burritos. The man who gave the commencement speech was named Don Hahn, a successful Disney animated film producer. There were a bunch of other speeches, lots of clapping, and more than enough pictures. My family could not be more proud of Michael for following his dreams, and always staying true to his passions. Go Mike!

Sunday morning, around 5 AM, we were up and at em’. Our flight from LAX to Maui was at 8:15 AM. The flight was okay. I think it was about 5 hours or so, maybe a bit longer, but we made it which is the important detail. I literally am at a lack of words for our hotel, and Hawaii as a whole. The scenery is impeccable, and the hotel views, along with the service, and our room are literally amazing. For those wondering, we are staying in West Maui at the Montage in Kapppalua Bay. You know you chose the right hotel when there is fresh pineapple waiting for you upon arrival, a tray of fresh chocolate chip cookies and milk in the room, and a bowl of fresh fruit. And this wouldn’t be Hawaii if we had not received leis as soon as we stepped out of the car. We went to the pool almost immediately, got lunch, and have just been lounging since our arrival. It has been quite a while since my pale self has sat in the sun, so I am trying to take it slow so I don’t get burned lol. The hotel gym is huge which I am so happy about, and they have yoga classes like all day long in a nice yoga studio. The weather is perfect, not disgustingly hot and of course not cold at all. There are these strange sun showers though that last for about 2 minutes that come and go. What is so odd about them is that they come when there is not even a cloud in the sky. They are almost refreshing in a way. I am so excited to be here, and cannot wait to share all the cool stuff we will be doing on the trip! Tonight we are just going to chill, probably get a light dinner, and prepare for a long, relaxing day tomorrow. The time schedule is now 6 hour behind that of NJ so we are really going to thrown off. All worth it though. Well worth it. If you ever get a chance to travel to Hawaii, take that opportunity immediately. It is just breath taking!


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