Road to Hana, Pearl Harbor, & More


This trip has been amazing so far, minus the fact that I have developed a bit of a cold here and am quite congested. On Monday, we decided to have a pool and beach day. The beach at our hotel offers kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and boogie boarding. The rest of my family got snorkels, and I decided to get a paddle board. I have only done it a few times before, so I was a little shaky at first. I even fell off within the first few seconds of getting up, but I adjusted pretty quickly after that. I am not a fan of snorkeling, or the ocean in general. I don’t like the fact that there are animals in there, and things under your feet that you can’t see. The ocean in Hawaii is 10,000x more beautiful than that in Jersey though. It was literally like we were swimming in an aquarium exhibit. A giant sea turtle was right under my paddle board, and I borrowed my dad’s snorkel to see the beautiful coral, and fish that were swimming around. The cool part was you only had to go about 15 feet out to start to see all of this. After about 2 hours of that, we spent the day by the pool.

On Tuesday, we took a drive on what is known as the Road to Hana. Hana itself is a very small town on the northern part of Maui, but it is the Hana highway that is the highlight of the trip. The drive was about 3 hours each way, and along the way we got to see some gorgeous scenery, stopped at a bunch of waterfalls, took a hike, and saw some parks. We were basically driving on the edge of a cliff the whole time which was a bit scary at first. It was funny because the native people who are from the area were like flying down the road because they are so used to it, meanwhile ourselves and the other tourists were going at a safe 15 mph. Unfortunately, it rained a lot that day, but we still got to see some amazing stuff. The drive back was the better than the drive to Hana I think because on the way back we saw more coastal landscape than just greenery. Both beautiful, I just love to look at the water. The land we drove though was almost untouched by humans. No liter, no houses, just a straight road, lots of cows, rolling hills, valleys, and a whole lotta’ peace. It was a long day, but well worth the ride. There was a place called Star Noodle that I saw on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives on FoodNetwork. It is right here in Maui about 25 minutes from our hotel, so after our trip to Hana, we stopped there for dinner on the way way back. They make delicious ramen, and I have always wanted to try at least one place the Guy goes to on the show.

Yesterday, Wednesday, my dad, brother, and I went to another Island called Oahu. It was about a 30-minute plane ride away from Maui. Once we got there, we went to the Pearl Harbor memorial which is near Honolulu. Our tour guide told us that nearly 5,000 people visit the site each day. The USS Arizona is one of the ships that was sunken by the Japanese Naval forces in the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The ship, and many of its crew members rest underneath the memorial that was built over top of it. 1,177 crewmen went down with, and are still with the ship. This was something I did not know, and it made the site even more meaningful. There are even men who survived the attack that day who chose to have their ashes taken down there following their deaths. One man died just this year who did so. We also got to go aboard the USS Missouri, and go below deck to see the living conditions of the crew at the time. Something my brother pointed out that is scary to think about is that a lot of these crew men were so young, along with the Japanese suicide bombers. One that our tour guide talked about was only 19 when he gave up his life for his country. One other tour that we did was the USS Bowfin submarine tour. We also got to see a lot of the aircrafts from the time, and did a few audio tours. I am not a big history buff, but one thing I do love is the fact that these pieces of history are still around for us to literally go inside and walk where those honorable crewmen, captains, and generals once walked.

Today is Thursday and I think we are just going to relax again by the pool today. Later tonight we are going to a luau which should be fun. On Friday, we are planning on doing a snorkeling boat tour I believe, and then Saturday is our last day 😦 Gotta work on my tan a bit more before we head home. Wish me luck lol !


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