Sorority Thoughts

I have always found myself to have a hard time getting along with girls. I would say from 4th-6th grade I definitely had a tomboy phase. As I got older, I grew out of it, but never grew out of the fact that I just don’t relate to girls on a number of things. My […]

A Letter of Thanks

I once read somewhere that over 5 million car accidents happen per year. This year, I am apart of that statistic. You never think it will happen to you until it does, and I don’t think I ever took it as serious as it can be. This past Sunday was the day is happened, of […]

Back to Bucknell

After a bit of a hiatus, I am ready to get back into my free writing. I didn’t have serious writers block or anything. I just really wanted to relax and enjoy my summer, which is exactly what I did. For those who have read my previous blogs, you would know that I was taking […]