A Letter of Thanks

I once read somewhere that over 5 million car accidents happen per year. This year, I am apart of that statistic. You never think it will happen to you until it does, and I don’t think I ever took it as serious as it can be. This past Sunday was the day is happened, of course the day before my sophomore year of classes started. Thankfully, both myself and the other driver are unharmed, just some scratches, but that should not downplay the severity of the event by any means. I am writing this blog today in order to thank a few different causes.

First off, I would like to thank Honda and my beautiful car, Karin. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that Karin is more than just a car to me, she is a friend. As weird as that sounds lol, I really love her. I am on the verge of tears for her as I write this to be honest. Karin is a white Honda CR-V, and she and Honda saved my life. I have always had this fear that if the airbag came out at me that I would immediately get crushed upon impact because I am a small human (4’11”), but this was not the case. I plan on writing a hand written letter to Honda because I was in absolute shock after the crash at the fact that Karin was so well thought out and put together, allowing me to make it safely out of the accident.

Secondly, I would like to thank my parents. I know we all have them, but I also know how lucky I am to have two that care about and love me endlessly every day of my life. They drove 4 hours that day as soon as I called and came to PA. They sat in the hospital with me for hours while we waited to make sure I was okay after the fact. Well, Evey (my dad) may have disappeared for a bit to go eat during the wait, but that was expected. Just having them be there though to hug and cry to was more then enough than I needed to cope with the situation. Having them on this earth to help guide me and tell me that I was not in the wrong in this situation and how to deal with insurance and all that adult jazz is so important to me. I love them both dearly. I also have to thank any and everyone who wished me well and texted/called to make sure that I was okay. All of that meant a whole lot.

Another important person I must thank is named Cheryl Dugan. Cheryl was a bystander of this accident, and my mom calls her my guardian angel. Cheryl rushed to my side as soon as I jumped out of my car. She comforted me in the the moment, let me use her phone to contact people, drove me back to school after the incident, and gave me her phone number to call if I ever need anything while at school. Cheryl is a hero in my eyes, and one of the most kind hearted people I have ever come across. I could never repay her for being at my side in a time where I was in desperate need. Also, a thank you to the paramedic, cops, and firemen who were on scene that day.

The last person I would like to thank might seem weird, but it is myself. My mental and physical health are things that I take very seriously and I am under the belief that I made it out of this crash because of my health. I am physically stronger than most girls I know that are my age. My eating tends to be healthy 75% of the time, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink very often, and I just don’t know how to explain it but I felt like the hulk when this happened. I felt invincible, like right after the hit, I didn’t have any worry that my body was going to suffer any type of pain and I was right. My whip lash lasted for maybe half of a day and other than that, I am 100% back to myself already. I don’t believe that we should all live by the same standards, eat the same way, and have the same lifestyles but I am very glad that the lifestyle I live enabled me to have a quick recovery. If you are in disagreement and think that physical health had nothing to do with it, I guess you are entitled to that opinion.

To anyone who has not been in an accident, I pray that you never have to experience it. Although I came out fine, I was still terrified and shaken for most of the day after the fact. I don’t remember exactly, but some of my immediate thoughts were along the lines of, “shit”, “where is my mom”, call 911″, i’m sorry Karin”, and “thank you God”. God is so good and I have thanked him 10+ times every day since for letting me continue to walk this earth day in and day out. Life goes on and I will continue to think about all the people who made me feel loved that day, and all the lessons I will jeep with my forever from that day. Thank you for reading and as always, live, laugh, and love.


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