Sorority Thoughts

I have always found myself to have a hard time getting along with girls. I would say from 4th-6th grade I definitely had a tomboy phase. As I got older, I grew out of it, but never grew out of the fact that I just don’t relate to girls on a number of things. My mom always tells me that she has felt that same way most of her life. That said, most of my friends have usually been guys. I tend to get along better with them for reasons that I can’t really explain. It’s a personality thing I guess. I have also realized that trust is not something that I have for a lot of people. It takes a long time for myself to know and observe people until I can trust them. I don’t see this as a bad thing though. Being weary of who it is you hang around with is important for many reasons. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people and people whose company you just overall enjoy is so important. Pretending to like and hangout with people that I don’t get a good vibe from of is not something you will catch me doing. Back on track now… this is not the topic I wanted to get into!!

Right now, in college, I have made a good handful of girlfriends, but I think I am about to make a whole lot more. Last night was the first night of “rush” for the sororities here at my school. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it coming into college, and if you ask a majority of people who know me from home, the last person they would have guessed to join a sorority would be me. That doesn’t matter though. I must say, I am excited, excited to find a group of girls that hopefully I can relate to, confide in, and have fun with. My friends that I have now are girls that I don’t intend on losing relationships with after joining a sorority because they are awesome, but making even more girlfriends will be overwhelming yet great at the same time. I have also been looking at the sorority thing as an opportunity to get involved more with philanthropy, a great way to network, and a way to break the stereotype that sorority girls are all one “type”. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movies House Bunny and Legally Blonde, but c’mon lol.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share how I’m feeling going into this. We still have a few more days of recruitment and plenty of time to figure out which sorority, if any, are the right fit. My level of stress about the whole thing has been maybe a 2/10. This I would say is because my course load is at the forefront my concerns right now. I’m taking physics, chem, bio, and a sociology course. That 3, count em’, three labs. And I have a job on campus. May God be with me this semester! Hope you all have a great weekend.


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