Quick Update

This has been hands down the hardest school year I have ever encountered. It has been very draining with a total of 28 class hours, three labs, and a job. I have kept extremely busy, and I could not be prouder of myself to say the least. My GPA is not going to be at my usual standards, but I knew this going into this semester. I have avoided hard classes for a while. In high school, I did not take many honors or AP classes and that is probably why high school was such a breeze for me. This is the first time I have actually challenge myself, taking three incredibly hard sciences in one semester, and getting by. I have always been and A or B student, but this semester, I am almost positive I am getting a C in physics. Safe to say, I am not a fan of physics. When I got my first physics exam back, the score was a 50. A 50. I do not get Fs…well at least I had not before this so I was pretty upset. I called my mom right away and voiced to her my concerns, but she told me stick with it and that as long as at the end I was going to get a passing grade, I should keep going.

This is exactly what I did, and I am glad I listened to her. I was going to drop the course but honestly, I would hate to take it again. I have no physics classes to take after this so I just have to stick it out and take the crappy grade. I guess this year was one of those life lesson years where I truly learned how to fail and then get back up on my feet. I mean it’s definitely not fun, but it is almost over. Enough about school. I have like 1.5 more weeks here and then I am out for winter break. I am beyond thrilled to be done with this semester, and also to spend some quality time with everyone at home. I was just there for Thanksgiving and got a little taste of being home. There really is nothing more relaxing then just completely forgetting about school for a bit, and not having any responsibilities other than to spend time with people you love. My brother will be home too from California for a few days so I will get to see him.

I feel like I have so much to catch up on here because I have not written a blog in quite a while. School has taken up a majority of my time and in the free time I had, I really didn’t feel like writing. Let’s see… I work at the career development center at school so I have been making some money for myself while at Bucknell which has been nice, I recently went to a Jay-Z concert in Brooklyn with my Aunt, her wife, and my mother, my boyfriend and I have our anniversary coming up in December, I turned 20 this year which is sooo weird, my mom and I tried this super amazing Caribbean restaurant near my school called Caribbean Connection and it is one of my favorite restaurant ever atm, I am in a sorority called Kappa Alpha Theta where I have met some lovely ladies, and I am currently watching the show Gilmore Girls. I guess that pretty much sums up the goings on of my life recently. I will try to write more in the coming new year, especially since next semester should be easier than this one!


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