I am going to be a junior in college in less than a month and I am not entirely sure how the heck the happened. BTW, this semester, I am not taking any writing courses. I am taking sciences, music, and French so forgive me while I get back in the swing of writing here. I have a tendency to move on from things quickly because I love trying new things, and so when I first started my blog, I was all in and writing every day. But if you have been following my blog, you would know that I have taken quite a bit of time away from it. That’s okay though, here I am, back and better tha…. let me stop myself there. Finals are coming up so I definitely cannot say I am better than ever…I’m hanging in there… let’s got with that! Last semester was a nightmare, worst so far. I hope and pray that I never have to have another one like that. Taking physics, biology, and chemistry all at once was not my best move, but we made it and now we don’t have to look back at that time…until the time comes for me to have to explain that semester to an interviewer when they see my grades in those classes. Worries for another day. Anyway, this semester is going much much better. I think I have really found my place at my school. I have a routine here, I have amazing friends, a job on campus, I know my way around.. side note: if anyone on this planet has a worse sense of direction than myself, I would be shocked…and I am happy to be here! I guess I called this blog prioritizing due to the fact that last semester, I lost touch with my blog because school work just became so demanding. School comes first and so I just didn’t have the time or energy to put into here. I have a lot of plants for the summer though and so hopefully I can log some of the things I do on here!

I know I already did a blog like this, but for my first blog back, I want to do a “things i’ve learned” type of list. I think  the last one I did was right after my first year in college so I mean I might repeat some stuff but hopefully I have some new things added

  1. I am definitely not alone in my fear/thoughts that things are not going to work out; Last semester threw me for a loop and had me doubting my future plans to go to PA school, but I have come across a lot of other students who have expressed their concerns about their future plans as well. Which makes me believe that more people than I think go through a similar thought process. I just have to keep my head up and trust the process from here on out though.
  2. Do not take classes that you do not want to. After taking physics, I switched from a BS in chemistry to a BA because the BA does not require a second level of physics. I was so miserable in that course, and mentally drained. The thought of taking the next level even stresses me out. I was not in a good place mentally in that class, and that feeling is not something I want to revisit, so I simply will not be taking courses that I do not want to anymore.
  3. My school is ripping off the students in more ways than one, but so is every other school in America I bet. The housing lottery is absolutely terrible, the school puts STAFF next to courses when you are picking classes so that you cannot see who is teaching which section of a class because they do not want us picking classes based off professor (thats the whole point of college though like c’mon) and for the money we are paying, the building I am currently living in is going to collapse any minute now and has no AC or elevator. I could go on but ….I digress.
  4. Support is so important. Keep in touch with your family, tell your friends they are doing great, and always try to stay positive because college is hard and we all need love and support to make it through, at least I know I do. Another point to go with this is share your knowledge. I always feel that as a college student, my peers and I are all on the same boat. If you can offer someone help, do it. It’ll make you feel good, and it’ll help de-stress someone in your community.
  5. Give yourself the credit you deserve, and some. Hype yourself up! Our classes here conduct a lot of surveys and I recently got one that was asking about self worth and such. I really reflected on myself when I was filling it out and realized that sometimes I do not give myself the credit I deserve. I work damn hard and give my best efforts…with a bit of procrastination here and there…. and my hard work deserves to be recognized, if not by anyone else, at least by me.
  6. I guess this ties in with not taking classes you do not want to…..don’t do things you don’t want to in general. You know yourself, you know what you like and don’t like and if something or someone is not of your interest, do not give your energy. Time is precious and at the rate my college experience is going, I want all of my energy going into things that make me happy and help me to grow as a person. Simple as that.
  7. Just a few last points here….be happy for others, take charge of your education, be disciplined, laugh as much as possible, be grateful, keep your mind open, and try not to stress too much.

That’s all I got for now. Feels good to write again, so hopefully I’ll keep at it, maybe weekly or something. We’ll see. Till next time…


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