Self-love, the gym, goals, and more

I would say I have a pretty god foundation of knowledge about exercising, and which motions work which muscle and what not. Before we get into my favorite muscle exercises, I want to talk about cardio. Most people hate the boring forms of cardio like running on a treadmill or doing the elliptical etc. If […]

One Year Down

As my first year of college comes to a close, and rather quick might I add, I can’t help but write a blog to reflect on my experience so far. I guess I will start off with my college decision story. I applied to 22 different schools because I had no idea what I wanted. […]

The Time(s) I Got a Sty.

For those who do not know what a sty is, it’s a little bump/pimple-like thing that forms along your eye lid as a result of bacterial infection. For those who know what they are because you’ve had them, you know they suck. I was very prone to them when I was younger, but have not had […]

My outlet

  The gym is not everyone’s fav place and there is nothing wrong with that. While I do think exercise is so important for physical and mental health, there other ways to do it aside from going to the gym. I know that it can get boring sometimes, and idk about your gym, but my […]

Skin Care

  Acne is something that I think everyone gets at one point or another in their life. I can’t say I have experienced it as much as some or to a terrible extent, but here and there my skin likes to be annoying. I have never used any of the commercial products like Proactive, Murad, […]

Moment of Happiness

Happiness and positivity and 2 important mindsets I like to keep, especially during stressful times like finals week in college. This is a blog about some of the most recent moments/upcoming moments of happiness in my life. Reflecting on stuff like this can show you just how grateful you should be to have the life […]

A Reflection of Regrets

  Growing up (yes, I am only 19 and still growing up, but you know what I mean), I was involved in just about everything I could have been. I signed up for plays & talent shows (by the request of my mom), played sports (mainly soccer), sang, played piano, took dance classes, photography classes, […]

Working Hard or Hardly Working? or both…

Finals week is approaching, the end of my freshman year in college is approaching, and so is the end of the motivation I have left for school unfortunately (lol). With the weather getting nicer, and the vibe of the campus getting livelier, it is becoming harder and harder to focus on school work. I am […]

A Widespread Issue

I recently finished watching a show called “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix. Very good, very sad, and very true show. For those who have not heard of it, it is about a girl who dies by suicide and leaves behind tapes for all those who made her feel like she had to do so to […]

Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer Review

I do not get very tan in the summer to begin with…the Irish in me brings out more of a red tint. It’s safe to say I need all the help I can get as far as tanning goes. I have never used a tanning bed or spray tan because of the negative long term […]